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our company

Our Company

We began life as Redbank Copper, named for our large project in the Northern Territory. Now that we’ve grown the project, and our people have lifted the company’s performance to the next level, we’ve become NT Minerals Limited.

Ours is a company built on positive human values. Honesty, loyalty, equality. They inform every aspect of our business, from our corporate actions to the behaviour of every individual team member. It’s our positive culture that gives us the resilience to succeed.

Our values also underpin our dealings with others. We respect the rights of First Nations peoples. We collaborate with all stakeholders to arrive at just outcomes. We cooperate positively and engage early with governments and regulators.

We want to make sure the job is done right.

And as one of the largest mining tenement holders in the south eastern McArthur Basin, we have a very exciting job: exploring 13,184 km2 between two major base metal producers.

So NT Minerals offers investors a chance to explore a highly mineralised – but significantly underexplored – sedimentary basin in a proven, mining-friendly region of a developed nation.

Our experienced exploration team is systematically investigating this rich territory to unlock the country’s next major base metal deposit. We know that by focusing all of our talents we have an opportunity to deliver global benefits for decades to come.

Our Business

Redbank Project (Northern Territory)

NT Minerals created a business with substantial assets. There are our two mining territories in the Northern Territory and South Australia, both brimming with potential. And there’s our corporate and technical staff line-up that we’ve carefully assembled over several years – a really focused team that’s now driving the business forward.

In our view, getting the most out of our passionate people makes it all the more likely we’ll get the most out of our land.

We’re one of the largest exploration tenement holders in the Northern Territory’s south eastern McArthur Basin. We believe that within the 13,184 km2 of our expanded Redbank Project, between the McArthur and Century mines, another large deposit is waiting to be discovered.

Our seasoned geotech team has the skills and the tenacity to find what they’re hunting. They have already embarked on a systematic exploration program over our tenements, conducting significant early-stage field reconnaissance, soil sampling, geophysics and drilling.

There are a lot of copper anomalies identified in historical reports, but they’ve never been properly explored because the region is so remote. Our field reconnaissance is homing in on these historical targets, aiming to expand investigation year on year.

NT Minerals is in the right place at the right time. In 2021 the Northern Territory Government partnered with the Future Battery Industries Cooperative Research Centre (FBICRC) to start investing in the battery supply chain. Its goals include establishing new exploration, mining and development ventures like ours in the McArthur Basin.

In 2021, while generating pre-competitive regional data, Geoscience Australia’s Commonwealth Government-funded ‘Exploring for the Future’ program identified a trend for major base metal deposits crossing the McArthur Basin – right through our tenements. We’ll be collaborating with Geoscience Australia over the next four years.

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Millers Creek Project (South Australia)

Our second project – Millers Creek in South Australia – is 700km north-west of Adelaide, in the Gawler Craton region. The project comprises two tenement holdings totalling 1,110km2 of prospective IOCG (iron-oxide, copper, gold) ground, and this premium land sits between major mining companies OZ Minerals to the north and FMG to the east.

Given the strong development winds now blowing in our favour in the Northern Territory our focus will remain on our Redbank project for the time being.

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